The biggest lie your cell phone tells you

In today's world, it is true that phones are getting smarter and people are getting dumber. Earlier
The biggest lie your cell phone tells you

In today's world, it is true that phones are getting smarter and people are getting dumber. Earlier, we used phones for our ease, but now technically phones are using us humans, by making themselves as the first priority for us.

Smartphones, nowadays fool people via WhatsApp using this notification.

“You may have new messages

If it appears then a person would surely check his phone, and in most conditions there are no messages.

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SCORE : Phone - 1, Human - 0

The scenario consists of “Waiting for this message, this may take a while” ; whenever you reinstall your WhatsApp, it is displayed for any messages that were missed, but the truth is majority of messages will never come and you'll be waiting forever.

SCORE : Phone - 2, Human - 0

My phone played this trick on me, now I've turned off the notifications and check them once or twice in a day.

Score : Phone - 2, Human - 1

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Today, I got a lovely little message from my cell-phone provider:

I never even wanted the IPhone X

The phone cost as much as a MacBook Air, it’s disproportionately over hyped, and I prefer a fingerprint scanner to a facial one.

However, when I got this message, all of my previous thoughts grew wings and flew out the window as I began to get excited.

I asked my mom if I could upgrade, and she laughed in my face, but I still opened the link anyways because her mind can always be changed, and a girl is turning 17 in less than two months.

It didn’t matter anyways because it was all a scam…

I could have just gone to the provider’s website and check the prices on there but I was too salty over this LIE that got me hyped up for no reason.

IPhone X who? I’m sticking with my 6s plus, thank you very much.

Apple was really trying me today, and I had yet another incident.

I was using my front facing camera to check for beans/spinach in my teeth, and to see if I did my eyebrows evenly (girls, they are a struggle to maintain).

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For about 5 minutes, every time I tried to switch the camera, all I got was this:

Apparently I do not even exist.

I imagine if I was one of those uptight people who would always jumps to conclusions, I would claim that Apple was being racist against black people and had to be boycotted immediately.

I however, took it for how it was... a glitch. Annoying, but normal.

For all you android lovers, I am sure I’ve given you enough ammunition to start another IPhone vs. Android battle.

Before you sharpen your spears and gather your troops though, I will let you know right now that I am a technological pacifist unwilling to fight.

What’s in a name right? As long as it gets the job done, why can’t we all be friends?

Apple has its flaws, but it works for me, and that’s all there is to it Easy.

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