Can you spy any WhatsApp without touching his/her phone?

Can you spy any WhatsApp without touching his/her phone

Any relationship starts out as a mutual agreement.
You both entered a beautiful journey with pure intent and love.
Remind yourself that marriage is an ongoing developing journey often filled with challenges and obstacles. You need them to grow and experience life. Accept that. No life or rellationship or human is perfect.

Then, the couple that can trully face times of adversity are the ones who can comminicate far better than others. Really really talk. When things are good and bad.

So, knowing that communication is key. Perhaps take some time to spend alone with and listen to your wife.

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And I mean really listen. Is She really acting the way you feel she is. Could it be an issue you are just yet to realize comes from your side or somewhere completely else?

She might be giving you subtle cues on why the both of you feel this way.

I find email. EASYHACKER15 at Gmail commany men know exactly what their shortcomings is and intentionally ignore them just because they think their wife should just put up with their crap or out of extreme ignorance. Whichever the case. Know yourself.

It, in some instances, might also just be a feeling based on no real substance. a Temporary phase that will pass as the cycles of the seasons.

So, to recap.
I would suggest you discuss your feelings openly and honest. If it is hard then try and approach a professional on email EASYHACKER15 at gmail conn as a hackeror third party listener.

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Understand that you should never set your expectations too high on what it is you expect from your marriage. Rather see what you can offer the rellationship.

Ensure that you consider all rellevant factors and or consequences in approaching your wife. It is always a very sensitive matter so speak to your wife with compasion, respect and as much love as you posibilly can show.

These are only really advice and guidelines.

Always trust yourself and go with what your heart is telling you, after all you married this beautiful soul for a reason.

Hope this could give some insight

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