The reasons why people buy Samsung phones

The reasons why people buy Samsung phones

1 – Dual biometrics

Fingerprint scanner
Forget the facial recognition here, it’s pony. Concentrate instead on the fact that you can have both a fingerprint and iris scan on the device. That gives you a couple of options for how to unlock the phone each time you pick it up. If your finger is wet, then you can just hold the phone a bit higher and use your iris scan. If you don’t want to do that, then press your finger on the scanner and the phone unlocks. You can use both on the device and switch between them to suit your needs. I like this a lot.
2 – Secure folder
I’ve loved Samsung’s security features for a while. Secure folder is a really good idea and could be a big help in these days of border security paranoia at airports. Put simply, secure folder allows you to lock a load of apps away and keep files away from prying eyes. Not only that but you can also hide the folder itself, meaning that it won’t be obvious to people when you give them the phone that it has a hidden folder. You can also opt to protect the folder with a different pin to the phone system, and you can also disable biometrics for it.
As a bonus feature, it also allows you to keep more than one social account on the device. So Twitter, Facebook and messaging apps like WhatsApp can all have duplicates on the device that can be used with a separate account. This could be incredibly useful for enterprise users who need to keep some details away from all prying eyes.
Maybe I’m paranoid, but I like the idea that my phone can be used to keep certain files away from prying eyes.

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And finally
This is reason 3, but it’s also a bit of a downside so I’m adding it in as an extra. The screen is amazing. Great colour, HDR support and it looks simply amazing all the time, thanks to the Infinity Display. I don’t honestly know why they ship it with a 2960×1440 resolution but cut it down to 2220×1080 so most people never see it. Well, I do know, it’s to save power. The extra resolution is for VR, but it’s still kind of pointless. I love Gear VR, but most people aren’t using it. Perhaps in a few years when the power output can keep pace with the screen resolution, this will be a better option, but for now, I sort of think the display is overkill.

more reasons coming soon

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