How can you locate your mobile using the IMEI number

How can you locate my mobile using the IMEI number

You can definitely trace your mobile using IMEI no. But, only the cops can do it. Be sure you have the mobile bill with u. I accidentally dropped my mobile on the way to my office on Oct 27th 2016. Once I reached office I realized that i had lost my phone and tried calling my no. But, it was switched off. I immediately lodged a FIR at the local police station. I was in constant touch with the police station pressurizing them to put my mobile on track. Finally on Dec 12th they put it on track but could not trace the mobile as it was still not put ‘on’. Inspite of that i did not lose hope and was in regular touch with the police. It was again put on track in Jan 2017 and to my surprise my phone was traced 200 kms away from my city. It was handed over to me on Feb 20th. Thanks to the police department.

Well for that you'll be needing a High-end Tech Lab, which would be a lot more expensive than your smartphone, but I can help you with another way of tracking your device.

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*Assuming that you an Android device*

Go to any browser and search for Android Device Manager. Open the Android device manager link and log in to your Google account which was logged in on your lost/stolen device. If you're lucky enough you will get the location of your lost/stolen device.

For IMEI tracking you can file a First Information Report (FIR) to your local police station or you can file a FIR online. The cops will help you track back your smartphone.
To track an Android phone it needs to have both mobile data IMEI Check and location services turned on. I tend to have them both enabled by default but it’s a good idea to check yours.

  • Navigate to Settings, Location and toggle it to the on position.
  • Swipe down on the Home screen and tap the cell provider icon to enable mobile data.
  • Click this link to the Google Dashboard.
  • Once logged in, the Dashboard will attempt to contact your phone using the IMEI and should show you a map and an address where the phone is either at, or was last pinged.

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