The best Wordpress marketing plugins

Editorial Calendar (free) - schedule and manage your blog content The Editorial Calendar plugin is an all-in-one content organization tool, that helps you to keep your blog organized
The best Wordpress marketing plugins

  1. Editorial Calendar (free) - schedule and manage your blog contentThe Editorial Calendar plugin is an all-in-one content organization tool, that helps you to keep your blog organized and keep track of your content creation and publishing processes. You can easily manage and schedule your posts with a simple drag-and-drop functionality. The plugin allows you to manage drafts, quickly edit titles, change publishing times and also manage posts from multiple authors.
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  2. Blog2Social (free & premium) - schedule and share your blog posts to social mediaOnce you have published a new post, you will need to share it to your social media channels in order to get more outreach for your content. You can do this manually or automate it. Blog2Social is a very powerful and sophisticated tool to share and cross-promote your blog posts to your social media channels, directly from the dashboard. The plugin allows you to auto-post or to customize your posts individually and to schedule your posts to be shared at the best times to post on each network.The plugin auto-posts your blog posts to Facebook (profiles, pages), Twitter, Google+ (profiles, pages, groups), LinkedIn (profiles, pages), XING (profiles, pages, groups), Diigo, Delicious, to Tumblr, Medium, Torial for re-publishing your post, as well as your images on Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest. You may also re-post old post and pre-schedule your scheduled post for auto-posting.
    This plugin really saves a lot of time and legwork every time you publish a new post and helps you to get more outreach for your post in less time.
     Blog2Social is free to use it for sharing your posts to social media but you might also find it worth to try the premium version for the more elaborate features.
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  3. Get Social Social Media Sharing Plugin: (Free & Paid)
     You don't only want to share your content yourself, you also want your visitors to share your content. So, you should make sharing as easy as possible for your visitors. The Social Media Sharing plugin allows you to implement a wide choice of social media buttons on your page. Most important is the native sharing bar with the original share, like, tweet and pin it buttons. You can also implement a horizontal follow + floating share bar, both of them are for free.
    Get Get Social Share Buttons
  4. Better Click2Tweet (free) - ready to use tweets for your readers
     In order to encourage your readers to share your post you can adds ready to use Twitter boxes to your posts or pages. The plugin is very easy to use, fully customizable with CSS. The "via" and URL can bei easily removed the URL from the resulting tweets, and links can turned into nofollow links. The plugin uses the official shortcode API for better security and compatibility.
     Here is an example of you the Twitter boxes will look on your post.
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  5. WWM Social Share On Image Hover (Free & Pro)If your want to offer more options for your readers to share your images, you might take a look at the WWM Social Share On Image Hover. The plugin helps you to add 6 social media icons on your Post images: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ Pinterest, and Tumblr. It will shows the social media icons automatically on hover the post images on your site. You may align the social icons on the top left, top right oder the bottom left or right. The set up is very simple.
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  6. Simple Social Icons (free) - social media follow buttonsNot only do you want your visitors to share your posts, you also want them to follow you on your social media channels. Placing social media follow buttons on your site can increase the number of followers on your social profiles. The Simple Social Icons plugin is free and easy to use. It will display social icons on your site that will take your visitors straight to your social profiles. You can choose which profiles you want to link to such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.
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  7. Related Posts for WordPress Plugin (free) - keep visitors on your site
     A plugin that helps you doing this automatically is Related Posts for WordPress. This related post plugin will display a list of related posts, pointing your readers to related content. You can customize the algorithm to match the needs of your website by keeping full control over how your results are displayed. Related post plugins tend to have an impact on site speed, because they usually perform complex database queries on every page load. This plugin is completely different from other related site plugins. Instead of performing complex database queries on every page load, RPFWP saves your posts in a cache and builds its own relationships and then references them for lightning fast queries.
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  8. Content aware sidebars (free & professional plan) - display sticky content on your sidebarAnother plugin to add sticky content to the eye of your readers is a special This plugin lets you display custom sidebars on any post, page or category of your blog. This helps you to displaying content specific adds or offers to your sidebar for different contexts. The sidebar manager lets you create post sidebars, page sidebars, category sidebars and more.
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  9. Pushengage (free) Push notification for desktop browsersPushEngage allows websites to send web push notifications to their site visitors and engage with them. Current version of plugin supports Chrome and Firefox notifications.
    You can engage with users, use targeted notifications and schedule notifications
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  10. Flow Flow Social Hub (free & PRO)If you want to show your social feeds on your blog you often have to choose due to lack of space for too many widgets on your sidebar. The Flow Flow Social Streams plugin allows you to create a combined feed from multiple social networks to display on any page of your site. With combining multiple social feeds into one display you can show a complete overview of your social engagement. You can also combine multiple accounts from one network. Smart caching technology delivers the content without slowing page load.You can use the plugin for free for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The PRO version lets you choose from even more networks, designs and layouts.
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