Things you can use it to enriching Arabic digital content

There are many ways you can contribute as an individual in the Arab content development movement. There are a variety of things you can do according to your interests and preferences. Here is a small list that you have done about the things
enriching Arabic digital content

The real change requires great effort and patience, because nothing you do will cause a fundamental and decisive change in light speed, but your small contribution as an individual if combined with the contributions of thousands of others can make the change.

Today, we are talking about one of the tragedies of Arab content. Apart from quality and credibility, we will focus on the scarcity factor,the Arab content has poor statistics although the number of Arab users on the Internet exceeds 140 million but the size of this number does not reflect the low percentage of the Arab worldwide digital content  Which is estimated at 3 percent and mentioning 400 million speakers in Arabic. The previous percentage is only half the actual percentage of Arabs in the population. In addition to the tragedy of the percentage of Arab content globally, the vast majority of this content is in forums and social media, on the opposite side scientific, cultural and educational sites are virtually non-existent.

The World Arabic Language Day, which is observed annually on December 18, always reminds me of a painful truth that our language no longer has a significant influence on other world civilisations due to the weakness of the Arab nations.

As Arabs, we should have the courage to admit the truth, identify our weakness and determine the reasons behind it. This is because admitting mistakes is half the battle towards the rebirth of the Arab nation.

This leads us to many questions. Do we really love our Arabic language and glorify it? Do we try to regain its previous prestigious stature and then maintain it sustainably? The answer will definitely be yes. We truly love our language so much because it is one of our sanctities.

If we really love it, then why is online Arabic content only 5 per cent, compared to other living languages? This is indeed regrettable, but this is a fact that we dislike. Why is the Arabic content weak and disorderly compared to other content on the internet? This is simply because we do not like our language and if we truly like, we do not know how to serve and help it regain its status of what was once the language of science and literature.

There are many ways you can contribute as an individual in the Arab content development movement. There are a variety of things you can do according to your interests and preferences, here is a small list about the things you can do to share in enriching Arabic content. Of course you can always make your own list, This is my list of things that I think include the best and most effective :


The most famous online encyclopedia on the Internet, Wikipedia is the coolest, easiest and most effective way to make change. this encyclopedia is a platform allowing anyone to create or edit articles, why you not start writing articles now, Edit and participate in Arabic digital content.


One of the most famous and influential conferences, TED offers a thousand videos from its lecturers for free viewing on the Internet. On the translation of videos, Arabic is one of the leading languages ​​currently, but it needs more support to maintain its position.
You can participate in the translation in TED.

Khan Academy

The world's leading free educational and cultural video portal. Thousands of educational videos are available in all disciplines and are part of an accelerated global education revolution that has recently begun to offer free online lessons to students who are unable to attend, the Arabic is among these languages ​​and it needs a lot of work, you can submit your application from here to become a translator


The most popular social network of books, we can be compared it to Facebook but is dedicated to books, There are still a few Arabic books but they are increasing. You can also help other by write a reviews of books you read. Or transfer what you have benefited from anothers you can also help others for choose the good books to read.


Blogging is one of the best and most important means to communicate your ideas to people. If you are interested in change, creat a blog. 
The blogging culture is gaining ground in the Arab world. You can find yourself a place easily among Arab bloggers and you will be able to write down your personal experiences and experiences.
You can get a blog free of charge through Blogger or Wordpress. And watch the explanations ab YouTube to learn to deal with them


books are still the main means of recording culture and ideas. Whether you write or translate a book will make a great contribution to the digital Arabic library. You can share your ideas through books.


Computer software is another way to do whatever work we want, from writing to making videos and movies, working on localizing an important program and hoping to be a free open source program (to encourage the use of free open source software), for example, may need someone program to publish his work and will happen by chance that the program used is a program translated by you.

Cultural sites

The establishment of cultural sites, especially educational ones, is very important for the development of Arabic content. Forums are currently dominating the Arab Internet world, so we need serious websites, especially scientific and educational sites that help those interested in finding good cultural and scientific sources.

Translation initiatives

Recently, there have been many initiatives to translate foreign articles and books into Arabic, such as the Syrian researchers and Saudi scientific , the Faye scientific club, free books..etc. These initiatives play a distinctive role and I personally follow these sites, you can be a volunteer and be involved in the development of Arab scientific content


YouTube is one of the most popular video sites and its the second largest in the world, Through YouTube you can share a lot of ideas, and many people have exploited YouTube to do courses, provide tutorials and annotations, and even post messages and ask opinions and queries Community-oriented, so you can always share ideas with your community for free and without paying anything.

Science societies and development groups

Most Arab countries now have scientific, cultural, intellectual and developmental groups but it still need to be organized and supported. Most of these societies are still weak or small, If you engaging with such communities may lead you to distinguished people towards an exceptional, they have the same interest and knowledge in the field that faded and who was almost desperate to find someone else interested in him.

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