Is there really best or better antivirus

there is NO best or better. They just function differently. We will talk more about avira and avast as an example so that everyone understands. the fact that I would prefer Avast for example is just a personal opinion.
Is there really best or better antivirus

short answer: there is NO best or better. They just function differently، in the next we will give you a reason for our answer no.
We will talk more about avira and avast as an example for that everyone understands.

The fact that I would prefer Avast for example - is just a personal opinion - Reasons for it signature wise it is not better than Avira, but rest assured it is good. 

Avira as another example is built on strong signatures and cloud for faster reaction to outbreaks. They have good heuristics, maybe better than Avast (we’re talking about static heuristics here). 

Avast doesn’t throw it self that way into having good signatures and doing fast backend analysis then flag via cloud, it is on the layered mindset client-side which I adore myself. That doesn't mean it is lazy, they have a very good reputation system and only they and Norton have streaming updates, so the time for reaction is fast. 

Everyone works, for me personally I believe the layered is better for the future. Avira still do great work at their thing though. Avast has stream scanning, HTTPS scanning and script scanning combination. 

This is needed more the web transitions to SSL & encrypted connections are used for drive-by attacks. They have a good client-side behavior analysis called Identity protection from their AVG acquisition. It has both rules for known bad behavior and algorithms for detecting unknown behavior. They really have machine learning, it’s not only a hype like some others (not meaning Avira in others), this was one of the stones they relied on before getting a behavior analysis feature. 

Because of that they are good at it now. They also have Cyber Capture which is not finished but is very promising. Basically it will be like Panda’s Adaptive Defense 360 lockdown mode. They have hardened modes which are good for beginner users who only use trusted programs and don’t know what is suspicious and don’t need to frequently run low-prevalent software. They both are trusted and tested (here meaning by user usage, experience and time, not labs). 

That means a lot for both of them. Avast has a strong community from which you can get support very quickly, which also tests their release previews and they are on a monthly program update schedule. It is up to you. No antivirus can protect you from all threats, there will always be misses. Avast misses, Avira misses. Others miss. The government also misses threats.

Finally: Don’t be stupid and don’t rely only in antivirus, be it a layered one. Update your OS and programs, use SmartScreen, firewall, use a standard user account with UAC on max. Educate about SPAM and phishing. If you choose Avast don’t disable community IQ and enable potentially unwanted protection. Use an adblocker with enabled acceptable ads, force the ad industry to push into non intrusive ads and still support the sites the same time. If you see an anti-adblocker forcing you to disable adblock to view content seek different site and don’t disable if you can.

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