The best video plugin for WordPress 2018

Using this plugin, you can embed Flash and HTML5 videos in your website. Your videos can be easily customized and embedded without much fuss. There is a powerful shortcode system available to customize your videos at the time of embedding
The best video plugin for WordPress 2018

This plugin allows you to upload new videos as well as to manage existing videos in your video account. To do this, you can access the administrative interface. Readers and other users can make use of shortcodes for customization. You can mention the height and width of the video your post. You can also make changes in the metadata of the videos. Having a account and VideoPress Upgrade are essential in order to use this plugin.

JW Player
Using this plugin, you can embed Flash and HTML5 videos in your website. Your videos can be easily customized and embedded without much fuss. There is a powerful shortcode system available to customize your videos at the time of embedding.
JW Player 6 offers a lot of configuration options. This plugin supports all of them. It is a reliable plugin and provides for complete integration to the WordPress media library.

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Spider Video Player
With this plugin, you can easily add videos to your website. Spider Video Player supports videos in Flash and HTML5 formats. It has no problem embedding HD videos as well. You can even change the design and color of the player to match with your website’s design and color scheme.
The player has all the features commonly in video players, such as the full screen for display. It also has a social media integration feature in it. It also lets you create playlists and organize your videos into them.

Video Embed
Using this plugin, you can choose the video player you want to use from a list of given options. Once you upload a video to your WordPress media Library, it can add more fields to it. Then it offers you some options to choose from, i.e. whether you want to create thumbnails and the size of the video, etc.
Once you click on “Insert into Post”, the plugin can generate a shortcode. This shortcode allows you to embed the video in your website. You don’t even have to worry about your videos not working on browsers without Flash. This plugin creates a Flash fallback version to counter this problem.

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WordPress Video Gallery
This is a very versatile plugin. It consists of an up-to-date FLV player and a lot of features to help you finish your work. You can provide your readers with many options to choose from like recent videos, popular videos or featured videos. You can also control how many videos are posted and in what order from the back-end. It also allows you to create and manage playlists.

This plugins has a responsive design that is specially created for entering videos on a movie blog. There are many input methods available to choose from as well as different sources of distribution.
It allows you to embed videos from several sites. You can embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or even those that are stored locally. It uses the technology in HTML5 for local streaming of videos. This has to be done with the use of shortcodes.

The AOL On Network Video
Using this plugin, videos from the AOL On Network video library can be embedded into your WordPress posts. It lets you easily search for the videos that you want by stating the publisher, category or any other keyword.
To make sure visitors see what they are looking for, you can group the video into certain categories or playlists and display them on the webpage. With this plugin, sharing is also made easy. You can share videos on Facebook, Twitter and through e-mails with just the click of a button.

Video Thumbnails
What this plugin does is allowing for the video embedding and retrieving a thumbnail for you to use. Video Thumbnails simplifies this process and automatically displays the thumbnails in your WordPress template, and also saves them in the media library. It also offers support for custom post typesand custom field.
Video Thumbnails works quiet well with other video plugins. It supports many video formats as well as videos from various sites like Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook.

WP Video Posts
This plugin gives you the ability to create custom video post. You can upload your videos and then embed them in your post using WP Video Posts. To make sure the videos load and play fast, the files are converted to MP4 format. This enhances the performance of WordPress greatly.
The original video can be in any format only if FFMPEG is installed. Otherwise, only FLV and MP4 video formats are supported. It also creates a slash image for the video.

Featured Video Plus
This plugin enables you to create featured videos. These videos are automatically displayed in place of featured images. The videos can be taken from your local media library, Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.
There are three ways for you to implement the features of this plugin, i.e. using featured images, using shortcodes or using PHP functions. You can also add different customization options to your media settings and control how the video can be showed on screen.

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