The some easy ways to get started on hacking

the some easy ways to get started on hacking

You see, this term "hacking" is very fancy and attracts too much people in your age. First of all I would explain what hacking is. Hacking is simple finding out solution to the problem in some different style or manner. Yes, learn the tweaks and tricks. Also learning hacking can be taken as knowing how things gets defeated. And that vulnerability can be tested to improve things. This is why that practice was brought publicly. 

People think hacking is like bring up the keyboard and start typing like nerds and bits start falling in green on black. Shit no. Always hacking is mostly taken negatively and I am sure you are trying to learn in same manner.
Sorry dude, if you have any intention on doing anything wrong, try to search the history and know how those greatest hackers of all times got punished.
I don't know what you have planned, but I tried warning you before you get into too deep. It is also because, one time you will realize the passwords and email accounts will not bring you that pleasure and you will try to hit something big and again bigger and lastly something at the sky. And here you might get in trouble.

Learn Computer Basics and Fundamentals

Learn Commands of Linux and Windows Learn Linux Commands and other Linux tutorials from Keep Calm and Learn Linux

Master in C Programming and Other Languages Learn C and other useful computer languages from

Get Latest and Updated News about Hacking World Get Latest news about hacking world and latest hacking tricks from hacking news websites like and the hacker news

Communicate with Other Hackers Contact with computer advanced user and also forensics specialist in your area. Know more about from your locals and other sources. Make good circles of computer friends and share knowledge with your buddies. Communicate with Other Hackers

Learn How to Hack and also learn how to secure yourself. Always learn both sides like hacking others and also how to secure yourself. Learn How to

Read Books and Whitepapers Related to Hacking. Also, read collections of hacking books and tutorials. Download Collection of Hacking Books in PDF from Read white papers of ethical hackers and security researchers from .

Setup your own Lab with Vmware and Virtual 

Box. Download Vmware and Virtual Box in your PC for creating your own lab for running penetration testing system in PC. Setup Own Lab with Vmware and Virtualbox

Participate in Bug Bounty program Want more about bug bounty program . Bug Bounty Program

Find and see the New Videos of Hacking tutorials Securitytube is one of the best website for see penetration testing video without pay any type of money.

Join Hacking Forums and Chatrooms   Join Hacking Forums I am not sure why you wanna be a hacker, but if you like this field. Always choose ethical hacking and never do any wrong stuff.

Also you can learn:

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