How did you get started hacking?

Programing Languages, Start with Python. I dont care what anyone else recommends to learn first. If MIT teaches Python as a first language, to first year computer science students that should clue you in to why pick this first. Python is written very close to how English

How did you get started hacking?

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I’m Trained in MCSE/MCSA path, Ive been working in the IT industry since since 1995 and I have been using personal computers since 1979 where at age 5, I learned how to code Atari Basic and use the command line. From my personal experience and from what I have seen over my years the best way to become anything is to use it. To get started in Hacking which I believe you mean “cracking” or a Black Hat hacker I recommend this specific Learning Path.
  • Obtain Linux. Most people will already know how to use Windows who are asking this question. If you already know Linux then you really would NOT be asking this question in my opinion because you would already know the Power of Linux. Start with an User Friendly Linux Operating System Preferably Linux Mint, (Mint 18 code named “Sara” is available at the time of this post) if not Mint get Ubuntu, (Ubuntu 16.04 code named “Xenial Xerus” is the stable release at the time of this post) download Mint Linux ISO from and use this webpage to assist in installing Linux.
  • Use Linux everyday, get familiar with the CLI(command line interface) and Bash, and learn how to use these command line tools to do all your everyday tasks like updating the operating system and installing software using Bash etc....
  • Learn vi/vim which is a text and file editor that comes with every Linux OS to date AFAIK. 99% of the valuable targets worth hacking will be some kind of server, and most likely will have Linux as its Server OS like Ubuntu Server which is rising in popularity as I type this. Along with Debian server and also Apache which is a linux Web Server OS. Now the reason you want to learn vi/vim is because users with super user privileges Like company CEO’s and CFO’s will need admin access to servers allot of times, but its very unlikley they will have any custom file/text editors installed on their super user account because they just dont know enough about computers to need them. These employees are the easiest bunch to hack with super user privileges unlike network and security Admins who know the game. You will have vi/vim and thats it, so learn it!!!!
  • Networking, get ebooks and watch tutorials about networking. Lean IP addresses and subnetting, Switches and Routers. Check out CCNA tutorials (CCNA = Certified Cisco Network Administrator) CCNA is a much better learning path for networking then Comptia Network+ which mainly focuses on Microsoft. CCNA is more general and relates to ALL networking.
  • A major thing everyone ALWAYS leaves out in Hacking Guides, get good with using Virtual Machinates. Virtualbox and Vmware for Microsoft, KVM/QEMU and Virtualbox for Linux, Mac can use Virtualbox. Learn this technology because you can create your own virtual pentest lab, developer lab, and anything you do in them wont hurt your regular PC. People always leave VM’s out of guides and ive no idea why?????? They are such a good tool to learning Hacking on.
Now I suggest having decent Math Skills, Like basic understanding of Algebra at Minimum. You will want to learn how to Program, and having good math skills will influence how well of coder programmer you end up becoming. You will need math to understand Algorithms and how they are used to write programs or crack them, plus cryptology is a major factor now in 2016 and math will just influence all this. Plus solving computers problems and math problems goes hand in hand. Theres usually always many different ways and approaches to solving problems in Computers and Math.
  • Programing Languages, Start with Python. I dont care what anyone else recommends to learn first. If MIT teaches Python as a first language, to first year computer science students that should clue you in to why pick this first. Python is written very close to how English is spoken and is much easier to understand to someone who has never written code. Eventually you want to be proficient in 5 or 6 languages, like c/c++, Perl, Java, Visual Basic scripting, Java Script, and the web languages like HTML with CSS and PhP and mySQL will be helpful for for serious server hacking needed to penetrate systems online. Allot of hacking tools are already written and you dont need to reinvent the wheel here, however you wont be able to customize exploits for specific targets without knowledge of programing and script writing. But I Still recommend learning programing last, because everything else is mostly theory and concept where programing is totally different and Learning the linux OS will make you better at Windows even though they are not the same.
After about 2 months of using Mint or Ubuntu everyday all day you would be ready to use other Linux Os’ theres literally hundreds, if not thousands of custom Linux Distributions, There all free (just about) except Red Hat Linux “REHL” which isn't free, and you can install many of them at the same time especially in virtual machines. Look into them and find ones you like. You will need to switch your Linux OS to “Kali Linux”, formally “Backtrack5” to really do Penetration Testing or “Hacking” Kali, and Parrot Security are the best and the good thing about Kali is theres thousands, if not millions of online guides, tutorials, Youtube posts, ebooks, websites and online documentation. And if your into torrents you can get really good guides from torrent sites on just about anything computer related but especially Kali.
Like anything In life you wont get good unless you devote yourself and practice for a few years. Becoming a good pentester is one of the hardest professions in the Industry of computers to become good at. I recommend to lastly go and get certified for the CEH (certified ethical hacker) Certification and go into the industry protecting people from hackers. You learn all the same stuff, and if your decent at your job, a good Systems Security Administrator is maybe the most sought after position to fill right now. With all the wikileaks, SnodeN Scandal, and seeing that hacking is a real threat for us all.!!

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