The best tools for a Technical author/writer and for a blogger

The best tools for a Technical author and for a blogger

Tools can do a lot of wonders when it comes to your blogging efforts. Coupled with the right set of habits and some very good writing tips, you will become a power blogger in no time. Your good habits and the right tools are often your saving grace that saves you from falling into a writing disgrace and missing, as well as messing, your content creation process and schedule. Writers, just like any other artists, are notorious for a lot of things such as losing their schedules and getting lost in their own world. The tools I am going to mention will help you get your writing done with little time wasted.

Here are some good apps and tips that you can use:

Trello - is a trusty task management app. You can use this when planning and preparing your next write-up. Having a set workflow for your blogging efforts helps you streamline your writing from the beginning down to the editing part and save huge amounts of time. An iterative process also lets you know on which areas you should improve in order to hasten your writing without sacrificing the quality of your content.

Google Calendar - this tool can help you set up your schedule for the days to come so you know what tasks to be done. Having a well-established schedule, especially when it comes to your blogging helps you manage your time better. A set schedule prevents you from scrambling your brains out thinking which of the many tasks you should be doing right now--that is if you happen to remember all of them anyway.

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Process Street - is a nifty tool for documenting your processes. If you want to cut back time spent on most of your works, then by any means, you should be gaga when it comes to establishing processes. Process Street API can house all of your processes, that includes your blog writing process as well, in order to make sure that all necessary steps are taken to ensure the quality of your write-up.

Zapier - if you are crazy when it comes to processes, then you will love this tool. Automating and hooking tools together helps you organize your blogging and save time. For example, you can write down your notes into your Evernote and Zapier will automatically push those note into your Trello or Google Docs.

Pomello - is a time tracking app for Trello that prevents you from overspending time on a certain task. Aside from scheduling your day before, you should block and track the time you spend on certain tasks. For example, you can’t spend more than an hour researching, Pomello helps you remind that your time is ticking and that you should finish the task within an hour. This goes for the writing and editing, as well.

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Quip - is a basic enough writing tool that offers little to no distraction at all. Its simplistic UI encourages you to write because of the little to no fanfare designs. After finishing the draft, give yourself a few hours off before revising and doing the final editing. This step is not an option, but a must. Every veteran writer advises against editing right after finishing your draft.

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