The best ways to increase traffic to a personal blog

The best ways to increase traffic to a personal blog

When I had my personal blog I’ve been paying attention to content structure, unique manner of speaking and SEO, of course. Unfortunately, not many bloggers remember about SEO and its importance for organic traffic.

I’d like to notice a few things that can be helpful in blogging
in the terms of SEO:

  1. Register your website in Google Webmasters Tools and put Google’s piece of code in your website;
  2. Switch your blog to HTTPS (it is important not only for e-commerce);
  3. Fill it with unique content. Don’t forget about structure (headings, lists) and high-quality images, gifs and videos. And make content on regular basis;
  4. Optimize images;
  5. Fill Titles, Descriptions and ALT tags (for images) properly;
  6. Make XML sitemap and put its address to robots.txt file;
  7. Use Schema and Opengraph markup for rich snippets;
  8. Make your website as fast as you can;
  9. Make your website mobile-friendly and implement AMP (it is especially important for blogs and media!);
  10. Get rid of on-page issues. You can check and fix all on-page errors with Netpeak Spider;
  11. Use your target social media to promote your content;
  12. Use guest posting on relative-themed websites with high authority;
  13. Start making backlinks (you can begin from social media that allow dofollow links);
  14. Leave comments and give expert answers to questions (related to your niche) on Q&A websites.

Hope this information will be useful for you!)

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