Can you build a database site with WordPress?

Can you build a database site with WordPress

A database is simply a named table (eg. a “Student” table) that can be accessed; and specific rows in that table can be added, deleted or altered. Wordpress provides plug-ins that can do this for you at the front-end eg. WP-DPManager or if you have some programming skills at the back-end using MySQL. All database tables require a unique key (eg. Student Number for a Student table) to access the specific row in the table). Once the correct row is an the table is accessed (eg. Student Number “12345”) then the unique Student Number can be modified as in: Add, Delete, or Alter the row for Student Number “12345”.

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Yes you can! WordPress is a PHP/mySQL database platform right out of the box. All the heavy lifting is done for you.
With custom post types, and/or the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, you can import any type of data into a WordPress installation.
You can even attach existing databases and just query them using WordPress as the engine.

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