The Difference between C structures and C++ structures

Difference between C structures and C++ structures

In C++, struct and class are precisely the identical matters, except for that struct defaults to public visibility and class defaults to private visibility.

Some essential differences among the C and C++ structures:

  1. Member functions inside structureStructures in C cannot have member functions inner shape however Structures in C++ could have member capabilities along side data contributors.

  2. Direct Initialization: We can't without delay initialize shape records contributors in C but we can do it in C++.

Programs example:

C program

C++ program

      The output is always 7     

3. Using struct keyword: In C, we need to apply struct to claim a struct variable. In C++, struct is not important. For instance, let there be a shape for Record. In C, we have to use “struct Record” for Record variables. In C++, we need now not use struct and using ‘Record‘ best would paintings.

4. Static Members: C systems cannot have static contributors however is permitted in C++.

Programs example:

C program

C++ program

    This will generate an error in C but no error in C++   .

5. sizeof operator: This operator will generate zero for an empty shape in C whereas 1 for an empty shape in C++.

Programs example:

   Output in C is 0   

   Output in C++ is 1   

6. Data Hiding: C structures does not allow concept of Data hiding however is authorized in C++ as C++ is an object orientated language while C is not.

7. Access Modifiers: C structures does not have get admission to modifiers as those modifiers are not suppoted by using the language. C++ structures could have this idea as it's far inbuilt inside the language.

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