What is Denial of Service (DoS) Attack?

If you're operating inside the area of computer networks or an enthusiast inside the subject of network safety
What is Denial of Service Attack

If you're operating inside the area of computer networks or an enthusiast inside the subject of network safety, you're positive to have encounter the term “Denial of Service attack” that is virtually called “DoS assault”. Today, that is one of the most not unusual forms of community attacks achieved at the Internet. In this put up, I will attempt to provide an explanation for DoS assault, its versions and methods involved to carry out the equal in an without difficulty understandable manner.

What is a DOS Attack?

Denial of Service or DoS attack is a kind of community assault designed to flood the goal community or machine with a large quantity of vain visitors with a view to overload it and sooner or later deliver it down to its knees. The foremost aim at the back of DoS assault is to make the services walking on the goal device (such as a website) quickly unavailable to its intended users. DoS assaults are generally completed on internet servers that host crucial services consisting of banking, e-trade or credit card processing.

A commonplace variant of DOS attack known as DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack has come to be pretty popular in the latest days as it is greater effective and difficult to locate. A normal DoS assault has a single vicinity of beginning while a DDoS assault originates from multiple IP addresses distributed across  or extra specific network. The working of a DDoS assault is proven within the following diagram:

Protection Against DoS/DDoS Attacks:

DoS assaults can effortlessly be dealt with by way of blacklisting the target IP (or variety of IPs) which are determined to be making too many requests/connections (in an unnatural way) to the server. However, DDoS attacks are complicated as the incoming requests appear extra herbal and distributed. In this situation it's miles hard to find the difference among the real and malicious visitors. Taking an action at the firewall degree to blacklist suspected IPs might also bring about fake positives and therefore may additionally have an effect on the genuine traffic as properly.

Methods Involved in DoS Attack:

The following are some of the commonly employed methods in carrying out a DoS attack:
  • SYN Flood Attack
  • Ping Flood Attack (Ping of Death)
  • Teardrop Attack
  • Peer-to-Peer Attacks

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