The best link building SEO tool

There’re plenty of tools above. Personally, I find Ahrefs and Spy Glass helpful, especially when it comes to content marketing
The best link building SEO tool

There’re plenty of tools above. Personally, I find Ahrefs and Spy Glass helpful, especially when it comes to content marketing.

Ahrefs covers information for more than 300 million keyword searches and it appears to be a very helpful tool that may show you whether chosen keywords are ranked well or not. What’s more, Ahrefs lets you check who gets better results than you and gives you words thanks to which particular sites are higher than you in Google. In effect, you can apply these keywords to your content and climb further up.

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SEO Spyglass is a website backlinks checker tools that can simply spy successful links and keywords used by your competitors. It can also tell you about:

  • Backlink pages - links that bring a reader back to your competitors’ pages,
  • Alexa rank - information about the links which bring the biggest traffic,
  • Link anchor text - tells you about keywords that are targeted in building links.

What’s more, the tool can give you much more as it can provide information about the domain age, IP block data, analysis or link-to-link targets.

It simply goes over a chosen site (your competitor’s site) and collects data in order to give you precious information about SEO applied on a given page. Such data shows you what kind of links buy high positions so you can use them too. And the biggest advantage of SEO Spyglass is for sure its accuracy and simple use.

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Gosh, I hope you don’t mean tool as a software to help you build links automatically! This is 2017, not 2010.
No quality link building can be done with a click of a button.
Everything must be done manually, otherwise you can very easily become a victim of Google Penguin and be penalized for low quality, irrelevant or spammy backlinks.
Yes, Penguin penalties are reversible, but why risk it? Is it worth it?
You can lose a big chunk of your traffic in a night and then to have to struggle for weeks if not months to get it back. Many websites never recover fully.
I hope I managed to change your mind regarding automated link building.
Now, let’s check which are the best 3 tools that can HELP you with your link analysis and link tracking.

  1. Link Research Tools - the most powerful and advanced SEO tool for link analysis, tracking and strategizing out there. It has the biggest link database in the world and count 97 different metrics at the same time and is my personal favorite. It’s quite pricey, but if you’re an SEO or a company which lives and dies by SEO - this is your tool.
  2. Ahrefs - the second best link analysis tool in the world and one I am using on a daily basis. I simply love Ahrefs as it’s offering a lot of value for its money. It also have a decent keyword difficulty tool and a great keyword explorer which can be invaluable for your keyword research process.
  3. Majestic - the best tool for measuring topical Trust Flow. This is a vital metric to every link building campaign as it shows you whether it’s good to build a particular link or not. If you want to make sure all your links will be topically relevant and will pass a lot of power (think Trust), Majestic is your tool. It also has a pretty big historical database.

There you go.

Now you’re prepared to take your link building to the next level with the RIGHT MINDSET.

Never consider building links which are placed on hundreds of websites with a click of a button. Your business deserves better!

Hope this helps!

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