The steps that need to be taken to become a hacker

The first and the primary thing is that you have to learn “Programming“.
The reason behind learning programming is that each and everything that you see and use on the internet is nothing but programming.
For Example:when you press Ctrl+U of your keyboard then you will see some script popping up,that is nothing but programming!

HTML and CSS are the most basic and primary languages you will see in every site… even when you visit your favorite site like Techtechnik(*cough*), Facebook, or any other site!
There is also”a negative side” of programming as well,you can end up in jail!
Before starting this ‘awesome’ stuff, you have to learn at least some of the listed programming.
Personally i’ill refer you to some mind blowing and cool programming languages that you must learn and also source or place from which you can learn them and get the best out of this hacking guide.

Programming languages:

  • Web-Desing :/Developing:
  • HTML5 (Somewhat Easy)
  • CSS3 (Somewhat Easy)
  • JavaScript (Somewhat Easy – Average)
  • PHP (Somewhat Average – Hard)
  • mySQL (Somewhat Average – Hard)
Computer programming:
  • Batch (Easy)
  • C++ (Average)
  • Python (Easy)
  • Visual Basics (Easy with Visual Studio)

Let me throw some light on these Languages:

HTML5 is the newest version of HTML, every paragraph,sentence or images that you see on internet are made all in HTML, and the appearance or look, size, etc etc… are made in CSS.
So in short, HTML is the content and CSS is the layout (how it is designed).
Javascript is another most powerful and popular scripting languages used on the web… and is the oldest as the web is. And you can do some cool things with it such as making a slideshows with it, or open hundreds of tabs at once, with a simple easy trick.
PHP and mySQL are used for databases. Most of the chats/forums are based on PHP.
It will be really good if you understand those languages, they plays very vital part in website security (especially mySQL).
If you get a small idea about computer programming it will be good for you..although you can’t make websites with them, but of course you can make other nice things like apps, little programs, games and viruses.. too ;)

Let’s discuss computer languages more:

Batch is a much common languages that is used worldwide, not for professional things, but for small fun and effective things.
Batch enables you to create small viruses or can make PC crash, however this is not the primary purpose of Batch.
With C++ you can literally make anything and everything!
The only disadvantage about it is that, you have to make a separate GUI for it, (Graphic User Interface)
Visual Basics is also a great language, but it’s not that much easy.Visual Basics enables you to make your own professional app, a lot of RATs are made in Visual Basics, and you can make your own small browsers with it!
Good websites to learn from:
and of course you can Google them to learn!

Programs that will help you in Hacking:

You don’t have to do each and everything by will be too lengthy and confusing, so there are people who have created and contributed …isn’t nice?
There are a lot of free programs available on net as well as in the market which will aid you in your journey.

I have listed some programs that you’ll definitely need for hacking.
Key-logger REFOG (Key-logger)
RAT (Remote Administration Tool) Darkcomet (RAT)
Booter Rage Booter (Booter)
Brute-Force Hydra (Brute-force)

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