How to make people download your first App

How to make people download your first App

Congrats on launching your app! I shared some ideas for getting people to download your app below. Before  we get to that, try to answer this question:
  • Who will get the most value from my app?
There are lots of creative ways to drive organic acquisition, but you will save yourself a lot of time and energy by having a clear idea for what type of people are going take the desired actions:
  1. clicks the link to your app page
  2. downloads the app to their smartphone
  3. uses the app (25% of all apps are never opened)
  4. repeatedly uses the app
  5. tells their friends
Here are some free sources where you can create awareness and drive traffic to your App product page.

1. Quora - Writing this post was very smart on your part. If I had an Android, I would download your app. Someone else did, though. Quora is full of tech-savvy, early adopters who are more than willing to download and try a new app with a unique value proposition.

2. Reddit - You could post something in a sub-reddit talking about your experience making the app, what you learned, etc. This is a good one to try:

3. Related Websites - Try Googling something like "Best Calculator Apps" and observe the results on the first page. If it is a site that reviews app, you should reach out to the journalist who wrote the article.

4. Twitter Search - Run a search for "I hate math class" and reach out to the last few people who posted that.
"I hate math too. That's why I made a free calculator app that talks" I think you'll like it! [link]"

5. App Store Optimization - This is so important, but you will need a steady flow of downloads to start seeing the results. Better to lay the foundation now, though.
For more on App Store Optimization, I wrote an in-depth article on my website that I think you will find useful.
It is geared towards App Store SEO (not Google Play), but the fundamentals of ASO are consistent across both distribution platforms.

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