How to become a good javascript programmer?

How to became a good javascript programmer

You will discover two types of experience with computer-programming. The first would be doing unique projects throughout the web to get an improved feel for different scenarios which can help you think like a designer. For example, searching (beginner, intermediate or expert) JavaScript problems on Github is an outstanding way to dance directly into getting more experience. Another way will be to do the challenge sets from Fervid JavaScript. This book is, the holy grail of JavaScript books. It's also free and shows the answers with each problem set. Finally I'd suggest doing problems from Development challenges and courses(coderbyte) and also doing problems from Codewars: Train your code skills. All of these resources have helped myself get experience of JavaScript.

The second form of experience would be doing real world problems for work. Look for doing things for nonprofits or getting on Fiver and help people develop the website in JavaScript. Upon fiver you can get paid to help clients.

I recommend doing the former first unless you have already gotten a whole lot of experience of JavaScript. Then go ahead with the latter. That can also help you add to your portfolio to exhibit that you have done certain projects and also it allows employers to see your work.

I would personally say the best way to learn something is to go and test it. For Javascript (or some other programming language) there is no exception.

I would recommend building rapidly a backend (Django or RoR are fast and good choices), and then just playing with JS, either pure or through a framework like Jquery or others.

Even if you have some experience, My spouse and i have found that reading a book is a good method to obtain knowledge and good insights. I have not read it yet, but The Eloquent Javascript (A Modern Introduction to Programming) sounds like a good choice.

If you don't have any experience, or if are a beginner, there are a lot of free good resources online:

this another advice :

  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Solve tough problems. Find work that is more and more challenging.
  • Work with the best JS developers, their ways will rub off on to you.
  • Always think of, How can I do this better, make it run faster and read cleaner?
  • Try to work in an organization that values front end development and the flexibility and speed of JS. (If they use nodejs to run their webservers, they probably do.)
  • Think performance first.
  • Don't leave bad code to be fixed later. Do it now.

  • Also you can learn:

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