How can you download Udemy course videos

How can I download Udemy course videos‬‏

I’m not very familiar with Udemy, but few days ago, I post an article asking how to download videos from Youtube. I think it’s same.
I received many answers there, and the easiest one I think is to use Maxthon browser. There are two reasons for that: you always need a browser to surf Internet, so why not one with powerful functions of downloading videos? Except this browser, you need nothing else to download additionally. The second reason is a personal one for a Chinese speaker.
Then how to use this browser to download videos?
There are two ways offered in Maxthon: Pop-up downloader & Resource Sniffer.
  1. Pop-up downloader
For all videos, when you use Maxthon browser, there will be a pop-up notification on upper right corner of each video. If you want to download the video, just click the “download” button and select the place you want to save it.

Then the video will be saved to your local path, and you can open it with your video player.

  1. Resource Sniffer function
There’s a resource sniffer function for Maxthon browser, but you need to enable it from settings the first time you use it.

Then the icon for Resouce Sniffer will be shown on the address bar of your browser. Then click it and it will sniff all videos, audios on this page.

You need to go “All” tab and click “Size”, so these files will be resorted as per the file size. (I once tried choose directly from “video”, but it failed sometimes, so later I get this tip) The largest file will be the video file you want to download.

After clicking “Download” above, it will also bring the download window and then you will be able to download the video to your local device.

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