The best free online video animation making site

the best free online video animation making site

Have you checked out Moovly? In April 2017 we launched Moovly Studio, our new HTML5 based editor (no plugins or software installation, hurrah!) Moovly Studio also features over 500,000 royalty free digital assets from VideoBlocks (sounds, images and video), as well as thee ability to easily and quickly create a video using Clips.
We offer a Free 1 month trial, to enable everybody to quickly get started creating videos. The Unlimited license enables you to download your creations in HD.
If you needed any help, we also have a Help Center, or feel free to message me on here!

We tried some different tools for explainer videos before finalizing on GoAnimate.

Some key features we liked about it are 

1. It allows you to create characters. So characters related to local sect, politics etc can be created with ease. So if you have used character maker in WII this is simpler as you have a mouse in hand and not a remote. See how we created Mr. Modi, Obama and Michelle here 

2. You can see people speaking synchronized with what you ask them to speak. You have multiple voice and even add your own voice from the recorder.

3. Add Bollywood and Hollywood songs and let characters dance on the tune. Check this and other similar stuff on our channel.

4. Goanimate is one stop shop for these videos and others like white board animation, presentations. 

5. Only problem in this tool is bit slow and eats all laptop resources. But end of day you get something differentiated.

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