Has Quora ever been hacked we have the answer

Has Quora ever been hacked

I came to this question from its sister one: Has Quora ever been hacked?

To tell the truth, my response will be almost exactly the same I just had written regarding Quora, now this time used to Search engines, here it goes:

Yes, of course ... ALL Search engines has been compromised and, its a great item that has been developed, made, developed and mantained by online hackers.

Being a "hacker" what I consider the unique, appropriate and official meaning in the Information Technological innovation context:

1. An individual who loves checking information automated techniques and how to expand their abilities, in contrast to most customers, who choose to understand only the lowest necessary. RFC1392, the Internet Users' Guide, usefully increases this as: An individual who enjoys having an romantic knowledge of the inner technicalities of a system, pc techniques and pc techniques in particular.

2. One who applications happily (even obsessively) or who loves development rather than just theorizing about development.

3. An individual able to admiring crack value.

4. An individual who is good at development easily.

5. A professional at a particular system, or one who regularly does work using it or on it; as in ‘a Unix hacker’. (Definitions 1 through 5 are associated, and people who fit them assemble.)

6. A professional or fanatic of any type. One might be an astronomy cyberpunk, for example or an Information angles cyberpunk or a  "Knowkedge hacker"...

7. One who loves the perceptive task of successfully conquering or circumventing restrictions.

Now: If you are making reference to "hacker" and hence "hacked" as the The show biz industry improved significance of having been intruded, breached, damaged, unlawfully utilized... then, some other other Quorans has already responded to that and, of course there may be a lot of sources of unlawful use and misuser of Search engines by looking it, accurately there.

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