What is the C language?

What is the C language

C is actually a computer programming language. It was invented by Dennis Ritchie in early 1970s, in Bell labs. In order to explain further, we can communicate with the computer only by using a special number system called binary , which has only two digits 0,1. Here 0 means no or low voltage and 1 means +5 voltage in digital electronics. 

But for a human being it is very very difficult( almost impossible) to communicate and write a full program in 0,1. That's why there are something called high level languages, which has English like syntax and can be easily learned by anyone. C is one of those language, which helps us to communicate with the computer , giving it instructions to do something. But as I've said earlier, computer being a digital machine, can only understand 0,1. So, we need some mechanism to translate our C program to 0s and 1s. We call that a compiler.

So, we write a program( some instructions to the computer, to do some specific task ), then compile the program using a compiler, so that the computer can make out what we want to say.

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