The best WordPress calendar plugin

The best WordPress calendar plugin

Editorial Calendar
This extension is designed for managing the posts on WordPress sites. Compatible with WordPress 3.0 and higher versions, it allows you to get quick information about the time when every post is published, how you schedule the posts that are ready to publish, and how you have arranged the whole blog.
Besides, you can take advantage of the features to change the post dates, get known of the post status, edit post titles, and manage drafts. Supporting multiple authors, Editorial Calendar makes it possible to grant access to each author. The ease of use enables the plugin to be a really good tool for site editors.

This should be your first choice. If not, you can find some other recommendations from

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Event Calendar WD has all your desired features and much more.
Each event is a custom post and you can use rich texting, add media, do anything that you can do with a common post.
It also has a lot of view options including
  • Month
  • week
  • list
  • day
  • map
  • poster board (masonry)
  • 4 day
It has also 5 pre-built themes for changing the overall layout but you can also customise those themes for every detail that shows up in the front end.
The plugin come up with multiple add-ons which really add a lot of functionality to the product and make it an advanced tool for any website where calendar has an important role: FrontEnd Event Management, Import/Export, Custom Fields, Export to GCal/ICal/Outlook, Embed, Filter, Countdown, Upcoming Events, Views. Facebook Integration, Google Calendar Integration, iCal Integration, Event Tickets, Event Calendar Subscription Add-on.

Checking the demo page will help you to better understand the functionality of the product.

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