The best social media manager app

The best social media manager app

There’s a range of tools that I believe is a must for a social media manager who wants to work efficiently and manage his time more effectively.
First and foremost, you should make friends with a scheduling app such as CoScheduleBuffer, or Hootsuite. You don’t want to share content, memes, or whatever you need to share on your social channels manually. When it comes to Twitter only, I recommend TweetDeck. It’s free and works seamlessly with your Twitter account.
You’ll surely need some tools to work with images, too. I used Pablo by Bufferback in the days when I experimented with running a Twitter chat, and it was super easy to use and exactly what I needed for simply adding text to images. Other than that, if you’re after something more advanced, I’d recommend Canva.

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I believe it’s also super important for social media managers to keep track of all the work they do. I would have been so lost without Google Sheets! I am not a social media manager myself, but as a community manager, a lot of my work involves social media, and I want to save my engagements at one place. On top of that, there are certain KPIs that I need to meet and having a nicely organised spreadsheet is what allows keeping all that stuff in order. I can see all the conversions, ups and downs in stats in one place, so it’s easy to report whenever I need.
Speaking of KPIs, I can’t stress enough how helpful social media monitoring tools such as Brand24 can be in this respect. As a social media manager, you need to know all the stats related to your posts, such as social media reach, a number of interactions with the content you post, etc. On top of that, you should pay extra attention to mentions of your brand on external sources. You’d be surprised how many people use different company names without tagging their Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media profiles.

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Such tools will also help you with identifying influencers you might want to co-operate with on your social media, reporting all the different metrics to your supervisors, or even finding new leads, as long as you’re in the market that allows finding potential customers by simply searching for specific keywords and engaging discussions.
Hope you’ll find some of these helpful!

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